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Who is that digital customer in the retailer’s analogues store?

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Who is that digital customer in the retailer’s analogues store?

Whatever your opinion about email may be, it is still one of the most efficient tools in a retailer’s ‘marketing repertory’. It’s for a good reason that people search for email addresses first on the internet. Why? An email address is a lead, it keeps you into contact with your customers, you get to know them better and it ensures repetitive purchases. It might be your opinion that a customer email addresses list has no value because you run your store offline. In this article, we explain why it is as important for physical stores to collect customers’ email addresses.


A third of the retailers say omnichannel is in their top 3 of priorities in the next year. But half of them does not collect email addresses in their store. Customers who have already purchased something in your store will be more inclined to leave their contact information than customers who have not yet purchased something. That’s quite alarming in the digital era we live in today. Retailers who don’t adapt soon will be left out.

Did you know it will cost you 5 times more to attract a new customer than to keep one?

The marketing value of in-store shoppers (people who visit your physical store) is still often underestimated. Nevertheless, they chose to get up, put on clothes and come to your store to find your products.


They seem highly dedicated to your brand so they are the perfect candidate for your mailing list. They didn’t arrive in your store as a digital customer but they most certainly are, through social media, email accounts or smartphones. The best moment to collect email addresses is when customers are already in contact with your product or service, when they are in your store.


Collecting email addresses should be on top of your to do list as a retailer. Even when you don’t send a newsletter, personalized promotions or a digital version of the receipt. Why wait?


  • Your customers use email
    • While it seems that nowadays everyone is active on social media that is not really the case. In fact, your customers will more likely have an email address than a Facebook account. Have you noticed that the road to social media often starts with status updates through email?
  • Still the world’s most efficient marketing medium.
    • According to recent research, sending emails still ensures the biggest returns on your investment. An email gets 6 times more interaction than 1 tweet. That’s a big difference for retailers when we make a translation to store visits and purchases.
  • You have full control of your list
    • Building a fan base on social media is like renovating a rented house. Everything goes smoothly until the rules change. Since you do not own the house, there is nothing you can do. Moving to a different social platform means starting over because you do not own your followers’ information. That is unlike emails where you have the data in your possession. You never have to start over.


You might wonder why customers would just leave their personal information in your store. Unless you ask, they won’t leave their information. The key is the connection between you as a retailer and the customer and it starts with the experience your customer has when shoppingin your store and buying your products.



Everything starts with the experience of the customer.


While collecting email addresses often happens when the customer is leaving your store, the actual work starts before asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. Freebies and discounts certainly help in order to convince customers to leave their email address but they have to know, like and trust your store or brand first. It all comes down to making a connection with your customer so they feel good sharing their personal information with you.


Before you start stimulating your customers to leave their email address, you have to focus on their store experience by using incentives. It should be your mission as a retailer to leave a good impression on your customers. Don’t let them wait, offer help where needed and make sure your store is clean and organized. Only then, your customers will love to share their contact information.


Take the time to clarify the value of customer information to your staff. Everyone who comes into contact with customers need to have to the same vision. Only then you are able maintain the message and goals throughout the whole process. In many cases, the different steps of the process can be automated. You could notify Point Of Sale after every transaction so it stays top of mind for your staff.


When you manage all the contact information in one central place and integrate them with your cash register and, your webshop, you are on the right track to become an omnichannel retailer.


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