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Webtechnology in the store

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Webtechnologie in de winkel

Webtechnology in the store

John’s electricity works

” John is scratching his head in the DIY store. He wanted to go get some sockets but there are not enough sockets available in the store. He turns to the digital booth and scans the bar code. There are only two sockets left in stock. He leafs through the supply. Maybe he needs to provide more double and triple sockets. He selects a couple of sockets with the matching lids. There, he picked out materials for 63.50 euros. He confirms his purchase and scans his loyalty card. He has to choose between home delivery or pick-up in the store. John is almost never at home so he chooses for pick-up in the store. He prefers to be notified by text message and his mobile phone number appears on the screen. He checks it and clicks OK. A message appears on the screen stating that his order will be processed once it is paid for at the cash register. John walks through the store and picks out some recessed spotlights. He hands them over to the cashier along with his loyalty card, and mentions his order. She finds the order in his customer account. John pays by debit card. Tomorrow he is going to install the spotlights and enlarge the holes for the sockets, that way everything is installed by next weekend. “


Fiction or unaffordable technology? Not at all. This kind of smart booth is like a web store inside of a store. It just looks a bit different and may have some different abilities. In some cases a customer can operate the booth himself, in other stores it is a way for the sales person to look up and order items together with the customer.



A booth needs to have access to product information, pictures, prices, stock supply, etc. It is advisable that it is linked with your web store and cash register system. Preferably, all the information can be found in one database and is accessible from different locations.



  • Provide the necessary visuals in the store so the customer is being lured to the booth with all his questions. A booth needs to be intuitive, otherwise it will not be used.
  • A (fixed) scanner is recommend because the customer often has a product in his hands while he is going to the booth. That way he does not have to start a search through your catalogue and he can just scan the bar code. The scanner can also be used for loyalty cards and coupons.
  • To avoid installing a payment terminal at every booth, let customers pay at the cash register. Paying at the booth will become normal in the future due to the rise of mobile paying systems.
  • It is in your best interest to promote certain products and discounts, just like on a web store. That way you increase the chance of upselling.

Webtechnology in the store


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