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Tutti e Due goes for an omnichannel shopping experience with Tilroy

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Tutti e Due goes for an omnichannel shopping experience with Tilroy

When you still want to be trendy and modern while being pregnant, Tutti e Due is the place to go. They have 2 shops in Belgium you can go to for a wide range of pregnancy clothing. The assortment consists of a fashionable pregnancy collection that matches perfectly with the contemporary trendy fashion image. Even when you are pregnant you can be fashionable and stylish while keeping your own style.


Service is key

As a specialist in pregnancy clothing, Tutti e Due wants to distinguish itself by offering the best collections and brands, service is key. You can always count on an enthusiastic team that will help you find the right pregnancy outfit and puts your shopping experience first. Tutti e Due saw in Tilroy the perfect tool to optimize their customers’ shopping experience online and offline.


Omnichannel shopping experience

Shoppers aren’t always looking for the lowest price, they are looking for the most value, convenience and take decisions based on the whole experience, online and offline. They know this at Tutti e Due so they chose for an omnichannel solution. If you don’t have time to go to the shop, you can order online through the web shop. A customer in the shop immediately has an account in the web shop and items, discounts, gift vouchers are being recognized both in the shop as in the web shop.


Multiple locations, always and everywhere available

The stock is being updated in real time online or offline because of the common article database for shops and web shop so there is no risk that the web shop offers sold out articles. They manage every article, every transaction and all sales channels in one clear tool. Tilroy works on any device with an internet connection, where and whenever they want.

Are you curious for the end result? Take a look at Tutti e Due’s new web shop.


Do you want to implement an omnichannel strategy in your shop? Request your Tilroy demo or call +32 (0)38201756 for more info.



Peter De Ranter

Auteur Peter De Ranter is sinds 1999 actief in de retailsector en CEO van Tilroy. Hij begrijpt als geen ander wat er nodig is om retailer en groothandel te transformeren naar het digitale tijdperk. Met de software van Tilroy worden de beste concepten in omnichannel retail met de meest recente technologieën gebundeld. Omniconnected zijn is volgens Peter de beste manier om succesvol te zijn en retailers zouden via elk beschikbaar kanaal verbinding moeten maken met de consument.