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Store Management

Keep the overview of your store and staff


Create a separate login for every user and follow up on all the transactions of your staff.


Look at all the recent, open and closed transactions, wherever and whenever you are.

Search feature

Look up transactions per customer, product, date or transaction number.

Cash till count

Count the cash till daily using the build in control.


Take note of orders wherever you are, add discounts and email receipts to your customers.


Add fixed discounts or in terms of percentage on transaction lever or per product

Sell items

Sell items at a fixed price

Add text lines

Add open text lines

Email receipts

Email receipts to your customers

Deliver subsequently

Take note of the deliver and invoice address of your customers during transactions and allow orders to be delivered subsequently.

Multi device

Take note of orders wherever you are, in the store or on location.

Payment methods

Combine different payment methods and keep the overview.

Tilroy supports an unlimited number of payment methods and makes it possible to combine different payment methods. You can always see how much customers have paid in advance and how much they still need to pay or get back.

Tilroy supports Banksys and CCV card readers.






Other credit cards

Gift vouchers

Credit notes


Paypal, SEQR


Maintain customer relations

Import customer data

Import your existing customer data from CVS files

Contact information

Add addresses, images, phone numbers and email addresses

Customer lists

Request customer lists per store

Adjusted prices per customer

Add discounts or specific price lists per customer category

Export customer data

Export your customer data to your favourite marketing, report or email tools.