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Tilroy in the hyped Tomorrowland Boutique

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Tomorrowland Boutique - Tilroy

Tilroy in the hyped Tomorrowland Boutique

The organisers of Tomorrowland want to conquer the fashion heart of Antwerp from October till the end of December with their Tomorrowland Boutique. The concept store in the Kammenstraat promises to be an interesting mix of fashion, music, decoration and collector’s items, in a typical Tomorrowland setting. In short, a complete experience store in style of the futuristic festival.


The Tomorrowland Boutique chose Tilroy as a cash register and store system. In this online store system they manage all their retail processes: from item creation to customer management, from transaction to return, this includes the scanning and printing of price tags and receipts. The quick installation and the subscription formula perfectly meet the demands of this pop up boutique.


Take me to the official Tomorrowland Boutique website.