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The shopping street of the future

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The shopping street of the future

Tom & Sarah’s mobile shop experience


” Tom and Sarah, a madly in love, young couple are strolling through the shopping street. When they pass by a multimedia store, Tom’s phone goes off: a text message from the store inviting them to come in and try out the newest generation of smartphones. They are curious so they go in. While Tom is lost in the trendy phone, Sarah chooses a neon pink case. She scans the bar code using her smartphone and pays through the online app. She puts the case away and waits for Tom. A little later they walk into a clothing store. Sarah chooses a dress and goes to the fitting room while Tom goes to the men’s section. While fitting the dress, Sarah notices that the dress is too big. There is a touch screen hanging in the fitting room, it recognizes the dress so Sarah can see that the dress is still available in size 8 in red and blue. The touch screen also shows a matching jumper. She selects both dresses and the jumper and presses “Bring to fitting room”. A couple of minutes later a sales person is standing in front of her fitting room bringing her the selected items. The blue dress with the matching jumper look beautiful on her. She leaves the fitting room when a sales person asks which of the items she would like to keep. She gives him the items and her loyalty card. He removes the anti-theft tag and automatically both items are added to his tablet cash register. Then he scans Sarah’s loyalty card and 7.5 euro is deducted from the total amount. She still had some credit from her last purchase. The salesman presses ‘pay’ and activates the paying app on Sarah’s smartphone. She confirms the payment and almost immediately receives a thank you email containing her receipt and credit for her next purchase.  “


The story mentioned above is no science fiction. Mobile paying possibilities, mobile cash registers, RFID tags, iBeacons, advanced booths, etc. They slowly but surely make their way into our lives. Our shopping behaviour in the near future will be different from the way we are used to and smartphones will play an important role.


When you plan to invest in cash register systems or e-commerce, make sure to ask the supplier about mobile possibilities because your customer will be the requesting party. It does not have to be complicated or expensive as long as you choose the right shopping system from the start. Scalability and flexibility are the key selection criteria.

The shopping street of the future


You read the ninth chapter from ‘Click and collect me if you can – Practical guide written for retailers in the internet era

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