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Sportline opts for an omnichannel approach with Tilroy

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Sportline opts for an omnichannel approach with Tilroy

Sportline has been an established value in West-Vlaanderen for years and has everything for people that give everything in sports. At Sportline, they cheer everyone on who live for sports: with custom made professional advice concerning your sports ambitions and healthy motivation to do better while having fun.


In 2017 Sportline underwent a complete rebranding and added a web shop. They resolutely chose for an omnichannel approach where Tilroy has been implemented in both shops.


Next, we integrated a custom made web shop where customers could shop online as well as buy online and pick up in the shop. The different sports clubs and VIP shoppers are recognized in the system so discounts are automatically applied whether they are shopping online or standing at the till in the shop. Curious to see the end result? Take a look at Sportline’s web shop.


Do you want to implement an omnichannel strategy in your shop? Request your Tilroy demo or call +32 (0)38201756 for more info.


Peter De Ranter

Auteur Peter De Ranter is als oprichter van IT-bedrijf Prosteps sinds 1999 actief in de retailsector. Prosteps heeft in België heel wat pionierswerk verricht inzake online en offline winkelbeheer. Zo ontwikkelde zij enkele jaren geleden ook de software Tilroy die de beste concepten in omnichannel retail met de meest recente technologieën bundelt.