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Returning for free

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Returning for free

Nadine’s jewellery switch


” Nadine is getting ready to go shopping this afternoon. Before she leaves, she goes to the bedroom to get a necklace. Earlier that week it had arrived by post but it appeared to be bigger than Nadine had imagined. She is going to return the necklace to the store. An hour later she arrives at the jeweller. The salesgirl is looking up her customer account in the cash register system and finds Nadine’s shopping history which also includes the order of the necklace. She puts the necklace in the system as a return item. Nadine had paid the necklace online by VISA so the amount is transferred back on her account. Then the salesgirl opens a drawer and pulls out a box with a selection of necklaces. Maybe Nadine wants to pick out a different one. While the salesgirl points out some necklaces, Nadine’s attention is drawn to the salesgirl’s trendy watch. After three hours of shopping, Nadine takes the bus home. A quick look at her new watch reassures her she is still in time for the school bel to ring. 


The European right of withdrawal requires that an individual customer has the right to return items that were bought online within fourteen calendar days. When your web store is an extension of your physical store, make sure that your customers can return their online purchases in the store. That way they do not have to go the post office and pay for shipping costs. Moreover it offers you the unique chance to offer them other products.



When someone walks into your shop with a return item, he needs to be able to prove when he bought the item. Classically, customers need to show their receipt but most of them are often frustrated because it is easy to lose. An omnichannel retailer who was linked its cash register system to its web store, is able to help the customer. He can always trace the purchase in the customer account, whether the item was bought in the store or online. Customers will never have to hold on to the receipt again



  • Mention clearly on your web store that customers can return their items for free in your store. This lowers the barrier to buy items online.
  • You need to add the returned item back to your stock. It might be enough to put the item in as a return item in your cash register system. If the price tag is no longer attached to the item, you need to print a new price tag. A modern cash register consists of all article and price information in order to do this.
  • Did your customer pay by VISA? Than it is possible to transfer back the amount on the customer’s account through the provider. This saves your store employees time.
  • The big advantage of returning for free in the store is that you get to know your customers. Use the opportunity well to offer them alternatives for their purchase.

Returning for free


You read the seventh chapter from ‘Click and collect me if you can – Practical guide written for retailers in the internet era

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