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Product management

Add products without limit and create an overview in your supply using easy tags and product data

Pictures (unlimited)

Item description (multilingual)





Product categories

Related products

Delivery time

Brand (separate list)

Supplier (separate list)



Import existing barcodes or add new ones

Add products

Add products to transactions, purchase orders or stock transactions by using a Bluetooth or USB barcode scanner

Export and print

Export barcode and label information to Word or your print software

Stock management

Inventory quickly and optimise your stock efficiently and user friendly

inventaris tellen icon


Quickly organise a general or partial inventory

Optimise your stock

Optimise your stock efficiently thanks to user friendly stock changes and purchase orders.

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Search function

The powerful search function enables you to quickly find and count each product

Real-time data

Always be aware of which products are doing well and which ones are not thanks to real time stock and sales numbers.