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Retail POS

€ 95

Per month* / Store
Onboarding: € 1950
Unlimited users


Updates & Support

Loyalty systems

Secure cloud backup
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POS & e-Commerce

€ 190

Per month*
1 store + 1 webshop
Onboarding: € 3950
Unlimited users


Updates & Support

Loyalty systems

Secure cloud backup
100% Omnichannel
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+ 10 stores
ERP Connector 

Tailored webshops and integrations

Personal account manager
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* The prices mentioned above are based on annual invoicing
An additional €35 for every extra cash register within the same store

Multistore retailer or big stock?

Try the Tilroy Mobile Pack

To get started with Tilroy mobile you need hardware (scanners) and the Tilroy mobile app. The cost depends on the type of scanner you want and the amount of scanners your business needs.

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Store management Retail POS POS & e-Commerce
Manage users and rights (Admin, store manager, salesman, …)
Reports (IPT/APT, sales targets, …)
Cash register counts with build in check and reports
Extended search function
Multiple webshop templates with responsive design
User-friendly CMS (Content Management System)
CRM & Customer bonding
Extended customer index cards with customer types
Adjusted prices and discounts per customer
Extended promotion module
Different loyalty programmes
Gift vouchers
One customer file for store and webshop
Product management
Extended product data and tags (multilingual)
Sizes and colours at one product
Images (unlimited)
Import, export and making barcodes
Barcode scanning transactions, purchase orders or stock transactions
Extended product filters and related products
Retail and B2B prices
Printing price tags
Stock management
Purchase orders
Stock adaptations
Real-time stock and sales numbers
Integrated Click & Collect or home delivery
Home delivery from the store
Real-time stock information online
Integration with (Equivalent van Bpost voor UK)
Transfers between stores.
Payment methods & Transactions
ATOS/Worldline support
Unlimited number of payment methods and combinations
Sales, promotions, conditional sale, promo codes, …
Online payments (Mollie and Ogone are standard supported)
Reports per store
Reports for different stores
Export feature (Excel)
Multiple webshops per installation
Webshop templates with responsive design
User-friendly CMS for content pages
Help centre
Email support
Integrations & Add ons
Link Tilroy with Venice, Zoined and other add-ons
Data migrations and conversions (customers, products,..)
ERP connector
Custom labels and other custom-made goods
B2B – and wholesale solutions
Google shopping feed

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start as soon as possible; how long does it take to start up Tilroy?

The start-up period depends on the size of your company (the amount of stores) and the number of products you sell. Generally, it is possible to start working with your Tilroy cash registers within a week after placing your order. You can manage the integrated web store yourself after the start-up. You decide for yourself how fast new items appear online.


A good preparation is half the work. If you have the following lists, we can upload them for you so you can start with a turnkey system.


  • List of all products (Colours, sizes, stock, products groups, …)
  • List of all prices (purchase, VAT, sales, …)
  • List of all customers (Address information, e-mail, VAT-numbers, …)


Would you like additional support and guidance when starting up your store?
Take a look at our service plans

Can I change my subscription if I add a new store or webshop?

Of course! Tilroy grows with you. You can add new users, cash registers and stores whenever you want.

My store is only temporary; can I cancel my subscription without losing data?

Tilroy is also used in temporary of seasonal stores, like pop-up stores. You only pay for the number of months your store is open. After closing you can ask for all your data with a file.

Is there an activation cost to set up my store environment?

There is a standard activation cost for setting up your new store environment and the configuration of your data. In addition, you can choose from different service models and you are being supported by our experts.

I already have a webshop. Can I combine my webshop with Tilroy?

If you want to know whether your web store is compatible with Tilroy or you want to know the possible cost of linking your web store to Tilroy, please contact us or call us at +32(0)38201756.


Tilroy has an integrated e-commerce platform with a web store that you can edit and organize yourself. The big advantage is that you only have to put in all items and data once. In most cases it is useful to migrate your webshop.

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Additional support and guidance when starting up your store?

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Want to see how Tilroy works?