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Omnichannel retail technology in the Cloud

In practice

In the previous chapters we have shed some light over the different aspects of omnichannel retail. Maybe you are wondering how to put theory into practice. The first step is choosing the right technology for your physical store as well as your online store.

Make sure that your systems are linked to each other

Your store and warehouse need to know what happens in your web store and vice versa. An example: an item that is sold out in the store needs to disappear from the web store without any delays. That way you avoid disappointment and not performable orders.

Therefore a perfect synchronization between store, warehouse, CRM and e-commerce is essential. Find systems that can easily be linked to other applications. Check with the supplier whether they are prepared to realize the necessary links at what cost.

Or invest in a cash register system with an integrated e-commerce component so that everything is managed in the same database. That way you avoid double input and synchronization errors.

Omnichannel retail technology in the Cloud

Use Cloud applications

Omnichannel retail requires that you can share your information (stock, prices, customer information, discount vouchers, etc.) through different platforms (through the cash register system in the store, through the web store on a laptop or tablet, etc.). This is more complicated with locally installed servers and separate systems.

Choose for Cloud applications, also called SaaS (software as a service) solutions, if you consider to sell products through different channels or mobile platforms. Replace your classic cash register by an online POS that way you can consult your data always and everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. At home, in the store, at a fair, where ever you want. SaaS solutions are usually scalable and have a predictable (subscription) cost.

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