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Omnichannel giftvouchers

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Omnichannel gift vouchers

Omnichannel giftvouchers

Aunt Alice’s gift voucher

” New parents Sophie and Tom flump into the sofa. Charlotte’s baby shower was fun but exhausting at the same time. It is silent in the pram, the ideal moment to unwrap some of the gifts. Between all the envelopes containing money and the baby stuff, Sophie discovers a generous gift voucher from a baby store in Amsterdam. They probably got it from aunt Alice who has been living in the Netherlands for almost 12 years. There is also a web store mentioned on the voucher. Sophie takes out her laptop and types in the link. She is amazed by all the colourful accessories and the trendy children’s clothes. She chooses a couple of things and clicks on ‘pay’. After filling in her contact information, the web store asks whether she has a gift voucher. She types in the code in the promotion box and the amount is immediately deducted from her balance. She pays the remaining amount by PayPal. After a while she receives a confirmation in her inbox. She forwards the confirmation to aunt Alice and adds: “Thanks aunt Alice, we used your gift voucher well. It is so much fun to discover new stores. Kind regards, Sophie, Tom and Charlotte. ”


Customer freedom is the code word concerning omnichannel gift vouchers. Whether the customer bought the gift voucher online or in your store, he needs to be able to choose what he wants to do with it: give it away as a present, forward it or print it. The person who received the voucher needs to be able to choose freely where he or she wants to cash it in: online in your web store or in one of your stores.



Gift vouchers can be identified not only online but also in the cash register, thanks to the unique bar code. The only condition is that both systems need to be linked perfectly to one central database. The information about the amount, the purchase date, the period of validity, etc. can be found in here. That way you are sure that used gift vouchers are being deleted everywhere at the same and are not used again.



  • Do you prefer gift vouchers without a fixed amount? If that is the case your cash register and web store need to be able to link the preferred amount to the gift voucher
  • Do you work with gift vouchers that have a fixed amount? Your system needs to be able to scan the code and deactivated it when it is cashed in.
  • Do you work with a period of validity for gift vouchers? You need to hold on to the date of purchase and it needs to be linked to the bar code. If desired you can notify the customer when his voucher is almost expired.
  • Is it necessary that your customers use up the gift voucher all at once? Or are they allowed to make multiple small purchases? The balance of the voucher needs to be adjusted in your database every time. Make sure you give the customer a receipt with the remaining balance of their gift voucher.

Omnichannel Giftvouchers


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