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Jokiki manages one stock for webshop and store.

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Jokiki manages one stock for webshop and store.

 “I always know perfectly what I have in stock in my store and webshop. I found the integration of online and offline sales with Tilroy and it was decisive for me. Having a webshop isn’t as much work as I expected.”

Joke Landtmeters of clothing store Jokiki wants to be accessible for her customers, outside the openings hours too. The online service is for busy parents.


Webshop as additional service.

“Internet is the future. I was already on Facebook with a public page and a closed group for special promotions. Moms who were unable to come to the store made their way to Facebook with their questions and orders. It was difficult for me to follow up on the orders and it became very time-consuming. Setting up a real webshop was a logical step.”


2 stores, one stock

“Webshop software often stands alone. I have looked at many solutions but there was always one thing missing: an explicit connection between the stock in my store and my online shop. That is a real problem for items with only piece in stock. Do you put it in the store? Or set it aside for online orders? You want to minimize the risk of letting your customers down.“


Direct link online and offline

“With Tilroy, my worries about stock management are gone. I add new stock one time and the systems registers what is sold. In the store I scan sold items with the Tilroy cash register system. That is seamlessly connected with the webshop and immediately adapts the stock. I also get notifications of online purchases. As soon as I put aside some items, the stock updates itself and the customer gets a confirmation. The supply is always up-to-date.”


New customers outside the region

At the end of 2015, Joke Landtmeters started setting up her webshop. By the time sales started in January it was ready and a great number of orders came in. Customers can collect their purchase in the store or let it be delivered at home. Meanwhile customers from all over Belgium find their way to Jokiki.be.


No more dull moments

“The fact that I now reach people from outside the area is really nice. The additional work I have because of the webshop isn’t too bad. Nowadays, you can board out pretty much everything but adding new stock and setting aside online orders, I take of myself. I like the fact that I have no more dull moments, I am always busy. ”