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“At home” at Home of Retail

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“At home” at Home of Retail

More than ever, retailers need support in a world that changes rapidly. A changing world also offers chances. Retailers that move on the rhythm of the fast changing market are the new winners. With that thought in mind, Retailhhub (Formerly known as Home of Retail) recently opened its doors: a unique knowledge and experience platform for the retail branch.


More than a shop of the future

Home of Retail is an initiative of RetailDetail, the reference in the retail world and FMCG. After The Loop, the experience centre for retail, RetailDetail goes much further to support retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in the fast changing retail business.


“Nowhere in the world exists a comparable initiative”


Home of Retail - Partners opening

“We bring together retailers, partners, scale-ups, universities, experts, societies, cities and communities to work on the future in co-creation and strengthen their competition position.” Says Jorg Snoeck from RetailDetail. “Home of Retail will be a home for all those involved in the retail business”



Interaction is key

It all happens In the impressive 1200 m² big experience space anyVille in the city centre of Antwerp. Here you are literally being submerged in an interactive do centre that offers an answer to current and future questions concerning the retail branch. Think about robots, virtual reality applications, smart bins, intelligent fridges, artificial intelligence, body scanners, analytical tools that map shopping behaviour, etc.


“Home of Retail will be a home for all those involved in the retail business”


That knowledge and experience are being translated into practice in expert groups and workshops with people in the field.



Live omnichannel experience

Tilroy is one of the ‘early adopters’ and is present for the third year in a row at this unique experience platform. In the brand-new anyville you can get to know the Tilroy till and e-commerce solution within a streamlined omnichannel environment.


The environment is just a bit more streamlined this year compared to previous editions. Together with the organization, the web shop was completely developed within the event’s corporate identity and the organization is able to manage the content itself with the Tilroy’s extensive CMS.






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Peter De Ranter

Auteur Peter De Ranter is als oprichter van IT-bedrijf Prosteps sinds 1999 actief in de retailsector. Prosteps heeft in België heel wat pionierswerk verricht inzake online en offline winkelbeheer. Zo ontwikkelde zij enkele jaren geleden ook de software Tilroy die de beste concepten in omnichannel retail met de meest recente technologieën bundelt.