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This FAQ page deals with different important subjects such as everything that is necessary for a change to Tilroy, safety, support and much more.

I want to work omnichannel, is that possible with Tilroy?

Tilroy includes everything that you need to work omnichannel: show the stock on the webshop, click & collect (order online and collect in the store), e-tickets, customer account, stock changes in your stores, home delivery, omnichannel gift vouchers, etc.


Tilroy saves you time when you want to work omnichannel. You manage the same system in your stores and in your webshop: only one database for your products, stock, customers, etc. You do not waste time and there is no chance of making mistakes because you need to put in data twice.


Tilroy runs safely in the Cloud, there is no need for local servers. Thanks to the subscription, you only pay for what you use.

I am very busy; how long does it take to start up Tilroy?

The start-up period depends on the size of your company (the amount of stores) and the number of products you sell. Generally, it is possible to start working with your Tilroy cash registers within a week after placing your order. You can manage the integrated web store yourself after the start-up. You decide for yourself how fast new items appear online.


A good preparation is half the work. If you have the following lists, we can upload them for you so you can start with a turnkey system.


  • List of all products (Colours, sizes, stock, products groups, …)
  • List of all prices (purchase, VAT, sales, …)
  • List of all customers (Address information, e-mail, VAT-numbers, …)
Is Tilroy compatible with my hardware?

Internet connection is all you need to open Tilroy in your web browser. Tilroy runs on most tablets (iPad, Android, …), desk tops and laptops (Windows and Apple) or on your touchscreen POS devices.


You do not need to change your favourite brand. Most likely, Tilroy is compatible with your ticket printers, bar code scanners, label printers, etc. We can look at this together.


We can help you if you do not have the necessary hardware. We have an extensive supply of all necessary hardware. That way you can come to the point of a complete point of scale system.

Is it possible to transfer all my store data (customers, products, etc.) to Tilroy?

If you are able to export data from your current system or you have data lists, we can upload this information in Tilroy without additional costs.

I want to use Tilroy on a tablet (iPad), is that possible?

You can use Tilroy on a tablet (Android or iOS) as long as it has an internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile). We also sell Bluetooth bar code scanners that you can use on your tablet. Receipts and invoices can be printed with a printer that supports Airprint.

I am not a technical person, is it difficult to put in customer and product data in the system?

Tilroy is a user-friendly product. Most functions are easy to work with. You also get access to an online manual with a search function. If necessary, we can offer a training for you and your staff so you quickly understand how Tilroy works.

I already had a POS system, is Tilroy better?

Tilroy is in many aspects a unique solution for your business and your customers. If you have Tilroy you can manage your items, prices, customer information, stock and other data in one system, whether you have one or more stores, with or without a web store. Your data is always up-to-date without any delay or synchronization.


Whether your customers buy online or offline, they get the same the same promotions and the same prices through every channel. They also get recognized by the customer file online and offline. Even the gift vouchers are usable through every channel.


Tilroy grows with your business and the system keeps evolving. New functions and improvements are constantly being added and instantly available without extra costs or a need to install updates.

I have been using the same payment provider for years, does Tilroy support this provider?

Tilroy supports the Atos-Wordline paying methods: click here for more information.

Does Tilroy offer support with my accounting?

Tilroy has a standard report function so you can look at all overviews such as stock, sales, a daily overview of the cash register, Z-report, etc. You can give the necessary documents to your accountant.


Tilroy already has a connection with the accountant system Venice from Unit24.

Who can I call when I have questions?

Tilroy is a SAAS product. This means software as a service. You can always send an email to support@tilroy.com when you have questions or issues. We make sure that your question is sent to the right person and your question will be solved as soon as possible.

My store is only temporary; can I cancel my subscription without losing data?

Tilroy is also used in temporary of seasonal stores, like pop-up stores. You only pay for the number of months your store is open. After closing you can ask for all your data with a file.

I do not have a reliable internet connection, does Tilroy still work without a reliable internet connection?

You can work with Tilroy as soon as you have an internet connection. Internet connections keep getting faster and more stable. That way mobile freedom is assured. When your internet connection through cable or Wi-Fi does not seem stable enough, you can always provide a 3g or 4g connection as back up.

I have all the bar codes of my previous POS system, can I import them into Tilroy?

All UPC, EAN or other bar codes can be transferred into Tilroy. The system creates new bar codes for every item you add in Tilroy. You can always add supplier bar codes if you want to.

I already have a webshop. Can I combine my webshop with Tilroy?

Tilroy has an integrated e-commerce platform with a web store that you can edit and organize yourself. The big advantage is that you only have to put in all items and data once. In most cases it is useful to migrate your webshop.


We can look at the possibility of linking your web store to Tilroy if you prefer not to migrate. If you want to know whether your web store is compatible with Tilroy or you want to know the possible cost of linking your web store to Tilroy, please contact us. You can call +32 (0) 3 820 17 56 or send an email to support@tilroy.com.

I have multiple stores, how does Tilroy support my company?

You can manage as many stores as you want in Tilroy. You can divide your stock between all locations, ask for stock transfers between locations, etc. Your central warehouse can also be added in Tilroy. Items are being added centrally in Tilroy and can be immediately seen in all your stores. The same goes for your customer data.


Your staff can check in Tilroy where a certain item is still available and they are able to ask for a transfer through the cash register. A store can sell item A that is in stock in store B. The customer can pick up the item in that store or store B can send the order to the customer. Tilroy supports all those stock changes. Whether you have twenty stores or you only have one: You have control of the same options and possibilities.

Is my data safe in the Cloud’?

Tilroy provides a stable service with a lot of attention for security of information: highly-educated staff, network redundancy, data back-up, emergency power supply, attack detection, etc. Those are just some examples of our security policy.

I need help with the start-up of my POS system. Can you send someone to assist me?

It is possible for you to make an appointment with one of our technical engineers. They can install your POS and all peripheral equipment on the spot.

Is it difficult to manage my customers in Tilroy?

By using Tilroy, you can easily manage and add customers. You can ask for customer lists by store and look at customer histories. Furthermore, you can export all customer data to your favourite report, marketing, or email tools.


You can add new customers in your cash register or you can import a complete list from a CSV file. Add addresses, pictures, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to your customer file. Export your customer data to your favourite e-marketing packages or services such as Mailchimp. Provide discounts or specific price lists by customer category.

Can I follow up what happens in all my stores in Tilroy?

Tilroy offers you a complete overview from all store activities: turnover, transactions, real-time stock, stock transfers, etc. Tilroy offers you report possibilities by store or for multiple stores: a daily overview of the cash register, IPT/APT report, Z-report, customer data, overview different categories, sales by brand, etc.


Further you can ask for all sales transactions, stock changes, open advances, open transfers of a selected period. It is possible to further edit all data with Excel or another report software so they are ready to give them to your accountant.

Is it possible to see how Tilroy works?

In our office in Aartselaar we have a demo which can realistically show all sale situations and the customer’s behaviour online. You can make an appointment for a live demo or contact us at +32 (0) 3 820 17 56. We can also come to you to show you our demo

How do I add products and is there a limit on the products I can add?

You can add as many products as you like, without additional costs. You can also add a number of product properties:


• Pictures (unlimited number for each product)
• Item description (multilingual)
• Bar code (These are automatically created by the system when you do not have them)
• Brand
• Size
• Colours
• Supplier
• Price information: purchase price, retail price, promotion price, etc.
• Category
• Related products
• …


You can create products ‘on-the-go’. For example, when you place an order at a supplier or you can upload an Excel or CVS file with the data.

Tilroy seems the perfect solution for my company, how do I start?

Contact us! During a personal meeting we get to know your enterprise and we can check all practical matters.


Stop by our office or request an appointment in your own company:


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