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E-ticket: back online after the store

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E-ticket: na de winkel terug online

E-ticket: back online after the store

Megan’s love for books

“Megan gazes at the colourful books. According to Megan, a book is always the perfect gift for a birthday party. She chooses a tough dinosaur book for the six year old Will. Suddenly her attention is drawn to her favourite author’s new thriller. Should she buy it? Why not, it’s the right time of year anyways. At the cash register she hands over her loyalty card and ask to wrap up the dinosaur book as a present. At night, she browses through her inbox and notices that she has received a message from the book store: it is her e-ticket with an overview of her purchases and the amount of loyalty points on her account. She received a voucher that is worth 15 euros. She goes to the web store and looks at the best sellers of this season. She notices two interesting titles in the top ten. She puts them in her shopping basket and pays the remaining amount by VISA. She chooses for collection in the store, shuts down her laptop and goes to bed with her new book.”


Strike while the iron is hot. While your customer is still enjoying his latest purchase and your store is still fresh in his memory, do not waste the opportunity and lure him to your website. Immediately send him a mail thanking him for his purchase and add his e-ticket. You can mention his loyalty points, guarantee, or promotions that are linked to his purchase. You can also ask him to rate your website or the item that he bought. By doing that you confirm the relationship between your store and the customer. Further you remind him that you also have a web store.



It is dictated by law that you are obligated to give a paper receipt to the customer with every transaction. Additionally you can mail the e-ticket to your customers. This digital version is harder to lose than the small paper receipt they get in the store. An e-ticket is easy for customers to use as proof of purchase or as guarantee. Again a reason for your customers to register in your store. Moreover it is the ideal way to lure your customers to your website after they have visited your store.



  • When you mail an e-ticket to your customers, make use of the opportunity to give them more information about your store, similar items, promotions, etc. Customers are less likely to delete an email containing an e-ticket.
  • Mention the loyalty point system on your e-ticket and refer the customer to his online account where he can look at the loyalty points he saved up. That way he is inclined to log in on the web store.
  • With e-commerce it is common to ask the customer to write a review or give a rating about the online purchased items. When you mail an e-ticket to your customer after every purchase, you can urge him to rate your customer service or products. It is possible to do this by a point scale or a text box that customers can fill in.

E-ticket - back online after the store


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