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Creating a Facebook shop in 7 simple steps

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Creating a Facebook shop in 7 simple steps

Creating a Facebook shop is a lot easier than you might think, moreover it fits perfectly in the omnichannel strategy. It’s a win win-situation for customers and retailers when the customer is the star of the show. Customers are happier and have a better customer experience when items are being offered by their favourite retailer at the time and place it suits them best. Retailers are happy because their offers are a hit which translates into more sales. In this article we explain in 7 simple steps how you can show and sell through your Facebook page.


Where do I find the Facebook shop?

There are different tabs for ‘messages’, ‘pictures’,  and ‘events’, you can also add a tab to your business page that allows you to show and sell articles on your page. This Facebook ‘shopping section’ is ideal for retailers who want to reach customers through Facebook. Plus, it is free to use.



Step 1: add the shopping tab to your Facebook business page

It could be that the tab ‘shop’ is already active without your knowledge when you have selected the shopping template for your page.

Go to settings and execute these next steps:

Edit page > add tab > add shop tab


Step 1: add the shopping tab to your Facebook business page


Tip: you can drag different tabs to switch positions and put certain sections at the top to give them more visibility.




Step 2: Agree to the Terms and Conditions

The tab ‘shop’ was added to your page and when you click on it, you are being asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions. These contain important information about which types of products you are allowed to offer – deliveries, returns and complaints – and processing user data so make sure to read through them.


Creating a Facebook shop Step 2: Agree to the Terms and Conditions




Step 3: choose the preferred payment method

Let customers send you a message through Facebook when they have questions or are interested, or send them directly to your web shop where they can finalize their purchase.


creating a Facebook shop Step 3: choose the preferred payment method




Step 4: select a currency you want to use to show your prices


Creating a Facebook page step 4: select a currency you want to use to show your prices




Step 5: describe what you are going to sell

You have 200 characters to describe what you are going to sell in your ‘shop’. You can give more information about the products but also some background information about your concept.


Description of what you sell in your Facebook shop




Step 6: add products to your shop

You are now ready to add products to your shop. Click on ‘add products’.


Creating a Facebook page step 6: add products to your shop


A pop up will open where you can add all the product information:

  • One or multiple pictures or videos
  • The name of the product
  • The price
  • The description
  • URL for the payment process



Creating a Facebook page step 6: add products to your shop



Fill in your web shop’s URL for ‘URL for payment process’. To find this URL, go to your product’s detail page in your web shop and copy paste that URL.



Fill in your page's URL



You can find Facebook’s guide lines and recommendations for showing products here:

We’ll list the most important ones:



  • At least one image is required for each product
  • Each image must be of the product itself; it can’t be a graphical representation (ex: an illustration or icon) of the product


Image tips:

  • Use qualitative pictures with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 or higher
  • Use a white background for your product image and try to show it in a real life situation.
  • The image cannot contain text, no offensive content, advertising or promotional material, watermark, or time-sensitive information.



The description has to be easy to read with regard to the product. Use short sentences and bullet points.
What is not allowed?

  • The description cannot contain HTML, phone numbers or email addresses
  • No long titles, too much punctuation or all small or capital letters
  • No links to external sites


When you have added your first product, it should look like this:


Your first product in your Facebook shop



We will see our first product and description in the shop. It could be that a product gets a ‘being evaluated’ status so make sure you follow the guidelines above so your product does not get rejected. While a product has this status it is not visible for the rest of the world.


When it is approved, the products will look like this, like the detail page on your web shop:


An approved product on your Facebook shop



When you click on ‘check out’, you are being sent to your web shop’s detail page where you can add the product to your shopping basket. We have added this URL earlier.

When you want to add more products, repeat the previous steps.




Step 7: add collections

Do you have a big product supply? Use ‘collections’ to organize your supply better. This option is showed under your products as soon as you added your first product.


Adding collections to your Facebook shop



When you click on ‘add collection’, you are being sent to the ‘shop section’ in your publication tool. You’ll see that Facebook already made a collection ‘featured products’.


Featured products in the collection of your Facebook shop


Those are being showed first so add your best products here. To add products click on the collection ‘featured products’ and ‘add products’. A pop up will appear where you can select products to add to the collection.


Adding your best products to your collection


The screenshots below show BazarBizar – Bohemian Chique Shopping’s Facebook page. A good example of a great shop.


As you can see the featured products are shown at the top of your shop in the order you chose but they are also visible on the homepage. In other words: your shop’s visitors will see the most important products at first glance.




Bazar Bizar example: Featured products Facebook shop



The Facebook shop section is fast and easy to set up and an excellent way to get more out of your business page as a retailer. Whether you are a modest one-man business or you are a multi shop enterprise.


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