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Bella Lunga: clothing for tall women

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Bella Lunga - Tilroy

Bella Lunga: clothing for tall women

bella lunga lange vrouwOn the 19th of September, Bella Lunga opened its doors in Kortrijk. It is a brand new clothing store that focusses on tall women. Store manager Nancy Carrein knows how tiring it is to regularly fit too short skirts, trousers or dresses. By opening her new store she wants to take away the customers’ frustration. If you cannot go to the store, you will be able to order online in the web store.


Bella Lunga chooses for Tilroy as an online cash register with a web store platform. That way there is only one item database for the store and web store and the stock is being adapted with every online or offline sale. That way Nancy does not risk to sell sold out items in the web store.

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