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Standing at a random cash register in Belgium

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aan een willekeurige kassa in een vlaanderen

Standing at a random cash register in Belgium

Sometimes I catch myself still wearing my ‘digital hat’ while shopping. The example below is taken from my own recent experience:


Employee: “Hi, were you able to find everything?”

Me: “Yes, thank you”

Employee: “Your total is €48,95, and your receipt”

Me: While looking at my banking cards and smartphone, “No I don’t need it”

Employee: “Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter? I am only asking because I have to (while rolling her eyes at me).”

Me: “Uhm, interesting approach, I am active in online marketing.””

Employee: “Then you must know what I mean, I’ll just fill in a fake email address”


I thought it was a weird interaction. Was it just me or does this happen to other customers too? Would all staff act that way? After all, I just made a purchase in the store. Wasn’t I the ideal person to ask whether I wanted to subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive exclusive promotions for customers?


Because I refused a paper receipt, they thought I didn’t want to receive a digital one. Knowing the sector I work in confirmed their thought that I wouldn’t be interested so they offered giving a fake email address (I did give my correct email address though).


That was just one example of a missed chance in the store. What do you have to take into account as retailer in the year 2017 and where do opportunities lie?


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