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Antwerp moose brings Scandinavian lifestyle within everyone’s reach

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Antwerp moose brings Scandinavian lifestyle within everyone’s reach

Brands from the high north seem to be conquering themselves a way into people’s hearts with their contemporary design, self-willed movies and clothes. In Antwerp, ‘MOOSE in the CITY’ is the iconic specialist shop for everything Scandinavian. Thanks to Tilroy, more and more customers find their way to a very current online and offline product supply. 


Since 2011 MOOSE in the CITY has its fixed spot in fashion city Antwerp. An original shopping concept with more than 100 brands, all from Scandinavian origin, aiming for people who love fashion, design and culture. “In the beginning we mostly offered outdoor clothing and functional items”, says Jan Van Hoof alongside partner Patrick Lathouwers, founders of MOOSE in the CITY.


“In the meantime we came to a conclusion that we have a bigger potential with an entire lifestyle supply from fashion and design to gadgets, specialized books, movies and music. Moreover, a customer can book a trip to one of the Scandinavian countries at our in-store partner North & Away. We go one step further.”



Are you curious to learn more about MOOSE in the CITY and Tilroy’s challenges? Read the full case here.



It's unthinkable that we would ever manage information for a webshop, stock and till system alongside one another.


Read the full case

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