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Click & Collect – A weapon against webshops

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Click & Collect – A weapon against webshops

Webshops have nothing on the Click & Collect strategy.

“Click & Collect is on the rise, ordering online and collecting in the store. When you are doing in right as a retailer, you offer your customers much more than just the speed of a webshop. You have an additional trump: The personal service during a store visit. As a retailer, you can develop a ‘Click & Collect’ strategy that is much stronger than just having a webshop. Unlike webshops, you can anticipate the customer’s needs.

Click en Collect - shopping statistics during Christmas


This chart shows the shopping behaviour in the UK during the Christmas period. The most important motivation for online shopping is time, saving money and avoiding the crowds in the streets. As a retailer you have to make sure your customers get what they want. Speed is important just as an accurate representation of the stock.

Only when you anticipate the plans, location and expectations of your customer, you have an advantage. Then you are able to offer more than an anonymous delivery service or an easy collection point. You can make a significant difference with a smooth service. It takes some thinking and preparation but with a tailor made service, you can make a difference.





Ordering and collecting? Unambiguous communication is key


Be crystal-clear about the status of an order


When a customer places an order online, it needs to be processed by your staff. The communication towards the customer is of importance. Clearly mention that the order can only be collected when it is confirmed through email or text message.
My last item was just sold, now what?


It is important that you let your customers know this before they coming to your store. When you can immediately notify that the item is available again, the sale might still go through.


When you aim on short term delivery, your staff needs to be notified of online orders quickly. Online orders can be quickly ready when your online cash register system is integrated with your webshop. As soon as an order is ready, the confirmation email or text message is being sent to the customer. In an optimal system, that happens with just one click.


Mention in your collection confirmation all the practical details to ensure a smooth collection.


We want to make it easy for the customer so try to avoid misunderstandings. Along with the address, also mention the opening hours.


Does your customer has to announce himself to a separate desk or give an order code? Put that information in your email or text message. So a customer knows how the store visit will go and what he has to bring to smoothly find his purchase.


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