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A day in the life of an omnichannel retailer

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een dag uit het leven van een omnichannel retailer

A day in the life of an omnichannel retailer


9:30 am- Time to open the shop. You’re in a good mood because have had a record turnover last month. You quickly put a new item in the shopping window before opening your shop. Your shop is ready!

When you log into the till system, a new list with orders, that has been placed in the web shop yesterday afternoon, appears on your screen.  Even after a year it still makes you smile. It’s still calm in the shop so you collect all orders and package the ones that need to be shipped. You put aside the orders that will be picked up in the shop. With just one click the customers receive a confirmation in their mailbox and a text message.


10:00 am – Inge Arrives. She logs into her tablet and looks at the sales of the previous day. She goes to the warehouse to replenish the shelves with new articles.


11:00 am – It’s getting busier in your shop. Thanks to the bar codes the transactions are being handled much faster. You send the e-ticket to your customers unless they want a paper version. The newly introduced loyalty programme is successful. Customers receive a 5% next sale discount they can use in the shop as well as in the web shop. So they will come back more often and they feel appreciated.


12:00 pm –The post will be picking up the packages, time for a quick lunch.


01:00 pm – The shop opens its doors again. Inge processes the online orders placed in the morning while she waits for customers.


02:00 pm –You expect a supplier soon. You quickly request a list with the most profitable suppliers of the past 6 months. You notice that this supplier is only on the 15th place, he needs to explain that. It gives you a good feeling that you are one step ahead of the supplier. You’re always well informed before every meeting and the good suppliers receive more orders and the bad ones don’t.


03:00 pm –You send the biweekly newsletter to your customers containing the newest promotions. You ask Inge if she can come a bit earlier tomorrow morning to help with the picking and packaging because you expect an increase in sales through the web shop tonight.


05:00 pm – Before going home, you highlight some of the items in the web shop with just a few clicks. They did not sell well in the shop and need some extra attention, maybe even a promotion.


05:30 pm –With just one click Inge processes the till at the end of the day and closes the till and shop. At home you can check exactly what happens in the till and you are able to see the first online orders as a reaction to your newsletter. It will be a great day tomorrow: the combination of the shop and web shop provided a nice turnover.


Tonight you plan to place orders for about half an hour from your home computer. You love this, it’s ten times faster than it used to be and you don’t have to go to the shop.


Does this sound like music to your ears?


Tilroy POS and e-commerce introduces a revolution in the POS systems’ world. The till of the future is online with software that never ages and can run on every device (till, PC or tablet). This all for a fixed fee a month!


Become an omnichannel retailer: Request your Tilroy demo or call +32 (0)38201756 for more info.

Peter De Ranter

Auteur Peter De Ranter is sinds 1999 actief in de retailsector en CEO van Tilroy. Hij begrijpt als geen ander wat er nodig is om retailer en groothandel te transformeren naar het digitale tijdperk. Met de software van Tilroy worden de beste concepten in omnichannel retail met de meest recente technologieën gebundeld. Omniconnected zijn is volgens Peter de beste manier om succesvol te zijn en retailers zouden via elk beschikbaar kanaal verbinding moeten maken met de consument.