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5 things I learned from a flat tire

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5 things I learned from a flat tire

I come into contact with retail employers who have doubts about adding a webshop to their physical store on a daily basis.
The conviction of a (too) high cost, limited returns and the additional work hours stops them to go through with it.


Last week, I had a personal experience that I would like to share.


Every weekend on Sunday morning, I go mountain biking in a green area. After a busy week, I enjoy the environment and effort with other cyclists. Preferably, I like going to an area that is called ‘Kalmthout’. At the end of our trip (luckily), I get a flat tire. We need to fix it this afternoon so I am able to go on my trip next week but I gave my last spare tire to my colleague last week.


I need a new spare tire as soon as possible!

My favourite bike shop (I have been a loyal customer for years, it’s a great store in my area, with a lot of expertise) is closed on Mondays. My bike has 29” wheels and I am not sure whether my ‘shop’ will have them in stock.


Google it…

The empty box says “Schwalbe AV19”. I look that op on Google to look at my options, since my favourite store does not have a webshop.
The tire is in stock at a well-known webshop. I have ordered there before so I do not need to add my credit card because the webshop already knows mine. The webshop says “ordered before 11.59pm, delivered tomorrow.” I order 6 tires for the best price and free delivery. No worries, I will have many more flat tires in the future.


I ordered 6 new tires at 6.45pm on Sunday. They will arrive on Monday so I am sure that I can go out mountain biking next weekend without putting in the extra effort or waste of time this week.



What if ..?

What if my favourite bike shop had a webshop? I would have definitely ordered there, and collected in the store. I would have walked in there on Tuesday and immediately bought a new lock because that didn’t do the trick either this past weekend.


Later that evening, I got a marketing email from that webshop with a link to their supply of bicycle accessories and with a €5 discount. Since it is Sunday evening, I have got some time to click on that link…


We have learned 5 things from this true story:

1. The customer chooses the channel. Ease is important for the customer.
2. Price is not always the deciding factor.
3. By taking away risks, you sell more. Creating confidence and clear delivery times help the customer to decide.
4. A webshop offers possibilities to sell more in the store.
5. The right actions at the right moment trigger more sales.


Think about the situation in your sector. There are examples for every sector.


How do you connect with your customers?

Peter De Ranter

Auteur Peter De Ranter is sinds 1999 actief in de retailsector en CEO van Tilroy. Hij begrijpt als geen ander wat er nodig is om retailer en groothandel te transformeren naar het digitale tijdperk. Met de software van Tilroy worden de beste concepten in omnichannel retail met de meest recente technologieën gebundeld. Omniconnected zijn is volgens Peter de beste manier om succesvol te zijn en retailers zouden via elk beschikbaar kanaal verbinding moeten maken met de consument.